The history of the museum: Stadt Roth


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The history of the museum

Ratibor Castle Museum

Since 1953 the former local history museum of Roth has been in Ratibor Castle. It was founded as a local museum in 1904 and it was Karl Honig, a master baker from Roth, who formed the basis of the museum with his collection of “historical items from our home”. On 27th April 1905, the museum opened in a room of the elementary school (today’s town hall). In 1908, fourteen citizens from Roth founded the Historical Society of Roth, which took over the museum’s sponsorship. The collection was considerably growing under the direction of curator Johann Georg Mayer. In 1920, the museum moved to the ground floor of the “Old Town Hall”, where it was redesigned in close co-operation with the state office for the preservation of monuments under the direction of Maria Ritz in 1937.

During World War II, the museum was relocated and reopened on the second floor of the Ratibor Castle Museum in 1953. In 1960, it underwent an extensive restructuring on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of the City of Roth. In 1986, the City of Roth took over the sponsorship as the Historical Society of Roth were now turning their attention to the newly founded Factory Museum. It was in the same year that, after years of closing and restoring, the partial reopening took place under the name Ratibor Castle Museum, now including the historical rooms of the castle in the concept of the museum. That redesign was essentially completed in 1994.

Today it is one of the bigger Middle Franconian municipal and castle museums with an extensive exhibition programme.

Johann Georg Mayer
Richard Lades